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Box 121


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To Davison, 1943

 File — Box: 121
Scope and Contents

7 items

Includes letters from W. Philips and Kay Davison to John Davison while he is at Solebury School with news from home. There is also a letter from a young girl, possibly Elizabeth Willard, addressed to "Josephus", with notes and doodles, and letters from John Davison to 'Peewee'.

Dates: 1943

To Davison, 1944

 File — Box: 121
Scope and Contents

5 items

Includes letters from Judith Cousins, a friend of John Davison's, gossiping about mutual friends and telling about her summer. Also letters from Roderic Davison, JD's brother, from Germany.

Dates: 1944

To Davison, 1945

 File — Box: 121
Scope and Contents

9 items

Includes letters from Desire Griffiths, a friend, gossiping and giving news about mutual friends. Also from Ernest Hankamer, giving news from home and discussing Fonet, the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), and other phonetic systems for writing English. These are written to John Davison while he is at Deerfield Academy.

Other Correspondents: E. Sarcia Montero; Dean (?)

Dates: 1945

To Davison, 1946

 File — Box: 121
Scope and Contents

10 items

Includes mostly letters from John Davison's family members: mother Eloise Hollett Davison, father Walter S. Davison, sister-in-law Kay Davison, and brother W. Philips 'Phill' Davison. They write with news from home. Phill is stationed in Berlin, Germany, as “Deputy Chief of the Plans and Directives Section of Information Control”.

Other Correspondents: Desire Griffiths; G.E. Jonas; Elizabeth B. Willard

Dates: 1946

To Davison, 1947

 File — Box: 121
Scope and Contents

8 items

Includes letters from Kay Davison about family news, including W. Philips 'Phill' Davison's service in Germany and about Kay and W. Philips's daughter Hollett. Also letters from Judith Cousins about mutual friends and deciding on Smith College.

Other Correspondents: Ernest A. Coffin; Etta E.S. Purcell; P.H. Weintraub; Elizabeth Willard

Dates: 1947

To Davison, 1948

 File — Box: 121
Scope and Contents

c. 30 items

Includes letters from Kay Davison and Walter S. Davison with family news and casual correspondence with friends Marian Cameron and Ernest Hankamer.

Other Correspondents: Ann; Bob Bolande; Noel Farrand; Joe Pévez

Dates: 1948

To Davison, 1949

 File — Box: 121
Scope and Contents c. 40 itemsIncludes a letter from Walter S. Davison attaching John Baillie's "Why I Believe in God." R.K. 'Bun' McLain writes to discuss musical tastes and approaches. Alfred Swan writes from Italy, giving comments on some of John Davison's compositions and encouraging him to explore new styles and techniques. There is also an invitation to membership in the American Musicological Society and numerous casual letters from friends Dick and Marian Cameron, Ernest Hankamer, and...
Dates: 1949

Letters and Photographs from France, 1948-1949

 File — Multiple Containers
Scope and Contents c. 15 itemsThese are letters to John Davison, in French, from friends and families he met while travelling to France in the late 1940s. The most extensive of these correspondences are from R. Chanay, Mme et M. Jean Marie, Madeleine and René Lexhait, and M. Senon.Other Correspondents: Monique Adelliert; Raymonde Bouvard; René Decu...; Mina Léirte; Simon VialetHighlights include:Chanay, R. 12/13/49. How the United States is generally unknown to...
Dates: 1948-1949